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Ronnie Schneider we’d known. He’s Klein’s nephew but he broke away from him. He’s a smart cat. I dig Ronnie. He’d been on a lot of tours with us handling business and hung around with us. He was the only cat we knew in ’69 who could handle the Stones tour that everybody knew, that we could leave to get on with it till we got there.”Keith Richards to Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone magazine, August 19, 1971

Best book on The Stones ever!
And I've read most of them in the past twenty years.
It's a classy book and written so you feel like you're there. The author has known them since the Sixties and was their tour manager for five years, traveling around the world with them and bearing 'round the clock responsibility. His story of Altmont and what really happened there and why is the most accurate one you'll ever read but that's just a small part of this book where the reader feels like he or she is in the dressing room or keeping Keith and Bobby Keys out of jail when they're blitzed on drugs and booze or in the studio when the band are recording. What surprised me was that Ron Schneider is a wonderful who makes the reader feel you're there with him and Mick, Keith, Bill, Charlie and Brian Jones (and eventually Mick Taylor, that often superb guitarist,) dressing room...on the bus, the train, the plane, the limousine or...that YOU are the THE one being searched by the cops.   By Sharon Lawrence (Author of Jimi Hendrix)


Aptly titled, the book, to say the least, is an excellent insight into the music scene of the late 60s to the 70s, its ups and downs and the pains and pleasures. Ron managed the Beatles for ABKCO, his legendary uncle Allen Klein's company for many years and independently managed the Rolling Stones till the 70s. In 5 decades of my readings, I have rarely come across a book that is so well researched and documented - a must read for the fans as also everyone interested in the entertainment industry. By Gazza


The book contains lots of content we've not read before, nor seen before. Some are photos; many are archival documents and other artifacts. Half the book is Ron's stories, memories, and anecdotes. The other half is called "Proof of Truth" -- i.e., Appendices; this latter part is sort of like a scrapbook.
This is a book that will be cited often, starting pretty immediately and extending into the future for a very long time as original "primary source" material by those documenting the Stones. It will also be useful and noteworthy to those looking at the bands, events, people, culture of the times (particularly the 1969 Stones tour time period, but also the 1965 and 1966 Stones tours--as well as some interesting glimpses into Japanese Spaghetti Western film making).
Additionally, there are some very fine never-heard Beatles stories and insights into the band at a time when they were transitioning management and their organization from Brian Epstein to Allen Klein, by way of Eastman.
Ron has a perspective of the Stones that hasn't been documented yet. His take on Altamont and Gimme Shelter are distinctly his, and keen readers will find the many details fascinating. Susan Doran-Rolling Stones Fan

About The Author

Ronnie Schneider is among a select few people who can claim to have taken an active role in the explosive beginnings of 1960s rock and roll.From Sam Cooke, the Beatles, the ‘65, ‘66, Rolling Stones US Tours, Ronnie Schneider takes you through history's first mythic rock and roll tour, the 1969 Rolling Stones US Tour; the real story about Altamont; producing the greatest rock film of the greatest rock n' roll band, Gimme Shelter; and closing with the 1970 Rolling Stones Euro Tour.

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What's Inside The Book

I wanted Out of Our Heads to be the encyclopedia of three historic events in music history:

The 1969 US Rolling Stones Tour-Rock critic Robert Christgau described the Rolling Stones’ 1969 US tour as “history’s first mythic rock and roll tour,”;

Altamont-December 6, 1969-Marked the end of the hippie era and everyone has it wrong! The Rolling Stones Did Not Hire the Hells Angels-I proof it.

Gimme Shelter-the Maysles Bros award winning documentary film, sometimes called “the greatest rock film of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band”. Through Proof of Truth, I document with telexes, telegrams, notes, letters, contracts, newspapers, magazines and photos a time line of the events.

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